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Robert Thomas Henson
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Rt was somewhat an icon in his hometown of Ellijay, Georgia.         
                                              Not a day goes by that someone has an interesting tidbit to share about the man

                                                         that rode a bicycle…decorated as if he were on his way to ride in a parade.

                                              Why just yesterday I was speaking with a gentleman at the local TV station and he

                                              knew RT as the “shellac” man.  He didn’t really know his name but for years he saw

                                              this guy around town that polished his shoes and everything on his bicycle with


        Quoted by Camille (Candy) Day of Ellijay, “RT truly was

                                               creative, a curious man who, above all was always true to himself”

                                               Mr. Robert Thomas Henson, most commonly referred to as “RT”, was not just the

                                               guy on the bicycle around town.  He was an artist, a painter, an inventor, a sculptor,

                                               a writer, a friend, a fascinating individual, and a genius in his own right.


                                               Robert Thomas Henson passed away in November of 2007 at the age of 72...

                                        This website is being dedicated to his memory, in his honor to carry on a legacy of

                                               an icon that can never be forgotten.

                                               Kathe Hall



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